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We at ABC Burglar Guard Ornamental Iron are committed to providing our customers with railings that will never fail to provide you with the most secure and decorative means of safety.

At ABC Burglar Guard Ornamental Iron we use the highest quality of materials in our standard and custom hand railings; such as punched channel iron horizontals, solid steel pickets, and a molded cap rail to ensure a lifetime of strength, beauty, and durability. All of our products meet or exceed local, state, and federal codes that must be enforced to ensure safety.

We meet and exceed those codes by supplying you with the reliability of solid iron, brass, or stainless steel combined with beauty custom designed to your personal taste at an extremely reasonable price.

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Standard Level I Railings
Starting at $325.00 Installed

Level II Railings
Starting at $425.00

Level III Railings
Priced Per Linear Ft.
and Design

Level IV Railings
Priced by Linear Ft.
and Design