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31 years of Zero successful known break-ins!
Doors starting at $395.00 Installed
Windows starting at $195.00 Installed

We are the premiere fabricators and installers of solid steel burglar bars / security bars for windows, doors, and porch enclosures.

We use ONLY solid steel pickets and uniformly punched channel iron horizontals in our standard designs creating a zero break point in the design. As well as the standard construct we also utilize "free of charge" custom design inserts.

 Other companies will try to sell you on hollow or tubing materials when in fact all you need are "bolt cutters" to get through them. Bar-on bar or "railroad track" styled security bars utilize the same materials for the pickets and cross bracing causing them to be weak. Although they may be constructed of solid steel pickets, they are only held into place with two tack welds and the criminals have already found that with a large crescent wrench they can break the welds, bend the pickets up, and get in.

Being the most established security bar / ornamental iron company in Dallas, Texas; We know better!

We NEVER use tubing for pickets in standard or custom designs.

We at ABC Burglar Guard Ornamental Iron uphold a "right to security without risk" policy. We will lock them out but Never lock you in! You will never need a key or special tool to get out of your home through our window or door coverings in case of fire.

We build everything to meet or exceed Federal ,State, and Local Code Compliance.

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